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Dallas Cowboys owner “no question” anthem protest affecting NFL bottom line

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says there is “no question” the NFL anthem protest is affecting the league’s bottom line. But in owners meetings last week he and other owners did not mandate standing for the anthem as the NBA does and has for years. Why these owners and Roger Goodell continue to be so gutless is puzzling. They have one of the worlds best known brands and they are allowing a small minority of players to destroy it.

In comments reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones addressed the issue for the first time since the owners meeting in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

“There is no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests,” Jones said.

NFL ratings across the board were down 7.5 percent from 2016 through Week 6, according to ESPN. The league has zeroed in on the protests against racial and social injustice as a primary cause for the ratings drop.

Jones admitted that Cowboys sponsors have expressed “concerns” about the protests, during which players have sat or knelt for the National Anthem, and said that the league can’t help the players achieve the goals of the protest if people aren’t watching.

“Our ability to be substantive is based on having a strong NFL, a league that people are really interested in and want to watch games,” the Cowboys owner said. “At all times, if I am anything, I am first and foremost a proponent of making the NFL strong. Making us have as many people watching the game as we can and watching in light of what we are doing and that’s playing football.

“If all this makes you stronger to represent messages, let’s don’t do it in a way that tears down the strength of the NFL.”

ESPN reported that approximately two dozen players across the league took part in the protests during Week 7.

President Donald Trump once again blasted the NFL on Twitter Monday morning.

Roger Goodell the Dallas Cowboys owner and the rest of the leagues owners are letting Colin Kaepernick, Michael Bennett and a couple dozen other players bankrupt their league. Somebody needs to grow a pair of balls and stop this madness.

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