Addressing the elephant in the room

Michelle Obama best Democrat candidate for 2020, seriously?

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama 2020 best candidate  according to key strategist. The Democrats desperately want to take back power over the White House in 2020. They have no clear message why they want to resume power only a continual lust for power.

Now I can see how that can be because the other candidates raising money right now include, Joe Biden,  Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Rep. John Delaney (D-MD).

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With this list of losers running Kid Rock would beat any of them. But that is not what I want to discuss today. What has started the trend of former first lady’s now becoming a candidate for President after their husband leaves office? What are their qualifications to become President? Related post Devos announces end to Obama era sexual misconduct policy

The elephant in the room is being the first lady does not qualify you to be President at a later date.

Michelle Obama 2020

What happened, you are an “evil woman”

Hillary Clinton is on her national book tour promoting “What Happened” charging $90 and up, over $2300 for premium pass. Seriously, to hear Hillary Clinton tell how she got her butt kicked by a political novice when the deck was totally stacked against him, and illegal immigrants voted by the hundreds of thousands. What happened is America hates you. As Donald Trump said in one of the debates “you are an evil woman”.


And what was Hillary Clinton’s qualifications exactly? Standing by her man serial rapist Bill Clinton. Shutting up the endless stream of interns he molested?

In wake of Hillary Clinton’s total shellacking now the best Democrat candidate is Michelle Obama. The Democrat party is in serious trouble.


Students starving eating this crap

What are Michelle Obama’s qualifications the school lunch program? The 3.2 billion (think about that figure for a while) dollar program was and epic failure. Over 85% of the vegetables were thrown away. In a New York public school system the program was canceled because student suffered from starvation, unable to do their school work because of the terrible meal program.

What are her other qualifications vacation planning maybe? In 2011 alone the Obama’s, largely Michelle and her daughters spent 10 million dollars of taxpayer money on lavish vacations.

I am not a big fan of electing a President on being the first in their gender or race. Why do we have to have the first woman President, or the first Latino American President or God help us the first LBGQTCQZTUYM<TBYXXE transgender queer whatever you want to call them President?

Let’s go back to the days where as a collective body of Americans we try to elect the most qualified President.


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